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Fecha de publicaciónTítuloAutor(es)
1981Estudio experimental sobre la acción dinámica especifica (SDA) y la eficiencia digestiva de juveniles de Sardinas Sardinops sagax sagax (Jenyns)Sánchez Rivas, Guadalupe
1981Photoinhibition of photosynthesis in natural assemblages of marine phytoplanktonPlatt, T.; Gallegos, C.L.; Harrison, W.G.
1981Short term variation in the vertical distribution of copepods off the coast of northern PeruSmith, Sharon L.; Boyd, Carl M.; Lane, P.V.Z.
1981Grazing patterns of copepods in the upwelling system off PeruBoyd, Carl M.; Smith, Sharon L.
1981Horizontal and vertical distributions of zooplanckton numbers and biomass off the coast of PeruSameoto, Douglas
1981Distribution and abundance of six species of fish larvae in peruvian waters and their relationship with physical and biological environmentSameoto, Douglas
1981Spatial and temporal variability of chlorophyll distributions and geostrophic estimates on the Peru shelf at 9°SHerman, Alex W.
1981Copepod distributions on the Peru shelf at 9° S during november 1977Herman, Alex W.; Sameoto, Douglas
1981Interpretation of paleoceanographic conditions on the Peru shelf using paleoecology and geochemistryVilks, G.; Rashid, M.A.
1981Microscale patchiness of small plankton on the Chimbote shelf, PeruOwen, R.W.
1981A note on the stading stock and production of microplankton off the coast of Peru as determined by particle countingSheldon, R.W.; Dunbrack, J.
1981Aspects of variability in peruvian coastal waters near 9ºSTowill, B.W.
1981Behaviour of first-feeding peruvian anchoveta larvae, Engraulis ringens J.Ware, D.M.; Mendiol, B.R.; Newhouse, D.S.
1981Vertical distributions of plankton in the upper 35m of the peruvian upwelling zone - application of a shipboard electronic plankton counting systemMackas, D. L.; Boyd, Carl M.; Smith, S.; Santander, Haydeé
1981Size - compositions of net plankton samples taken off northern PeruDickie, L.M.
1981A possible recruitment model for the peruvian anchovyWare, D.M.
1981Physiological state and rate protein synthesis of phytoplankton off the coast of Peru as measured by sulfur-35 incorporationBates, Stephen S.
1981Observations of flying-fish (Exocoetidae) between northern Peru and Panama, october - december 1977Brown, R.G.B.
1981Seabirds in northern peruvian waters, november-december 1977Brown, R.G.B.
1981On the possible enhancement of oxygen depleton in the coastal waters of Perú between 6ºS and 11ºSRichman, James; Smith, Sharon L.
Elementos (mostrados por Fecha de envío en Descendente orden): 1 a 20 de 37